The "Sixth Sense"

I've kept it secret long enough. I was scared of the judgements and conclusions people would make about me- labeling me or thinking I'm crazy. Though some of this fear still exists, as I work through it, I think about my soul's mission- I aspire to help people heal in all areas of their lives.

I began experiencing and seeing "things" when I was little. My mom pointed out that I would share things or point things out that the human eye generally wouldn't see. I do remember that sometimes things scared me and sometimes they didn't. It wasn't until I was in 6th grade that I made my first outloud comment to another peer. Someone I had been going to school with had a family member pass away in a tragic way. The person who had passed away was someone I had never met and I didn't know anything about to be honest. I wasn't close to the school mate either. For whatever reason at school one day, I felt compelled to share with one of my peer's friends that this person who had passed came to me in a dream. The details were vivid. The message was clear. I was asked to pass it along to this school mate. Naturally, sharing this information is nerve wracking at 12 years old- I didn't want to be called crazy. People who aren't familiar with this also tend to believe you are making things up or pulled information from an outside source. That was the beginning.

As I got older, I had several instances with people who had passed. Once, my covers were completely pulled off of me during the night- that shit was scary. There was one time in a bar that I, intoxicated, because I was a crazy 19 year old, I was pushed to share a message with a complete stranger. He was in his mid twenties.. I approached him and shared my messages. It ended with him in tears and hugging me, grateful for whatever it is that I shared that evening. I do remember it was not a message from someone who had crossed- I wouldn't say I am a medium. That information just comes sporadically- this was more so information that I just knew- you could call it messages from Spirit, psychic, whatever you want. It was information that I knew that I had no external way of acquiring or knowing.

Fast forward- I suppressed this side of me for awhile. I kept it to myself and tried to dim the light. Turns out, that's really shitty and soul sucking. I would rather be authentically me, share information no matter who says I'm crazy, and touch the lives of people who want and need the information I share. So, here we are. I have decided to embrace my gifts and allow people who are interested to come forward to heal with me. I may sound crazy, but it's more fulfilling to my soul that fitting in with the rest of the drained people pretending they need to live for others as well. I am currently looking for volunteers who would like free 15 minute readings with me, so I may become more comfortable with the public. It will take place over zoom, and you will need to come with a minimum of 3 questions. Please understand that some information may not resonate with you at this very moment in time, but you may see down the line a little bit or a lot which parts of it are true or will come to be true. I am grateful for my gifts and am confident I can touch the lives of many.

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