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Previously to making my coaching focus about aligning your soul and your mind, my main focus was blended families. As a stepmom, I have experienced most of the bullshit blended families do. Though our blended family functions differently than most, because the all of the adults are friends, it has it's crap like every family. I learned things about myself in becoming a stepmom, that perhaps I wouldn't have learned otherwise. I created bonds between the adults and the kids that make us what we are today. After working with other stepmom clients, I realized that the most destructive reason blended families fail or why they experience more bullshit than not, is actually due to the fact that someone, or all adults, choose not to take responsibility for themselves, and are the ones creating everything in their lives that they claim they do not like. That is where the Law of Attraction and other Laws of the Universe come into play.  I was responsible for making the changes I so desired. People get so caught up in the physical world that they piss their existence away, never feeling fully whole. After I became public about my psychic gifts, I decided to openly incorporate them into my coaching. Moving forward, it will take a different approach. You have Angels who are always guiding you. If you are looking for profound answers and a huge internal shift, you have come to the right place. 

You can check out my blog below, which includes blended family experience and coaching tips. 

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