"Listen for the whispers or wait for the brick."

My name is Brittany. I have been deeply intuitive since I was a little girl. I saw and heard things that the people around me didn't seem to see, hear, or understand. As far back as maybe 5 years old, I remember being able to embody the energy of another- literally feel inside my body what the other was feeling or experiencing. Dreams... extremely vivid dreams have been a means of communicating with the other side my whole life- I just didn't really know what was happening until I got older. I have had people from my life pass and communicate with me through my dreams, physical touch, or hearing messages. I know things about strangers as well as acquaintances that I would have no way of knowing according to logic. I communicate with my angels on a daily basis- some call them guides or spirit guides. Either way, we all have them. They protect us, guide us, and send messages all the time to help you be the highest version of yourself- listening and communicating is a matter of choice and developing a language with them. I have never felt more whole than I do now, as I am on my spiritual journey, and I want to serve others on their journey's. I do psychic life coaching, specialize in blended families, as I am a stepmom, but my primary focus is spiritual healing and communicating with angels to make your time here on earth meaningful. 


We all have a story. Somehow we've been conditioned to believe that we as humans are more different from one another than the same. That simply isn't true. We share the same basic internal and external needs. We share the same feelings, though we express them differently in different circumstances. We all want to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and loved. What most of us aren't conscious of, and if we are, it appears damn near impossible to fulfill our own needs because of our conditioning as children and adolescents. The truth is that we can do it. We can learn to reparent ourselves, meet our needs, become successful in every sense of the word, have thriving relationships, have phenomenal boundaries, and feel empowered as people. We can look outside of ourselves and observe the circumstances we don't like, but actually have the power to create an entirely different inner world, naturally causing the outer world to shift. 

Things didn't change overnight for me so don't think it will for you either. There were several times in my life up to now that I didn't want to be here anymore. My father almost died a couple of times due to addiction, my mother and I had an incredibly toxic/unhealthy relationship, I was in abusive relationships, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Ehrlichiosis at 14, I went to the mental hospital a day after my 16th birthday because of depression and anxiety, I traded my self worth and dignity for sugar daddies, I hung around with some really dark people, I became pregnant with a toxic man at 20. It was like I could never catch a break. Did the Universe want me to fail? To die from the inside out?  It wasn't until now that I more fully understand the laws of the Universe, one of them being that like attracts like. Who was I being while all of these things were happening? Someone exactly who these things WOULD happen to. The frequency and vibration I was on was quite literally attracting low vibration, awful things to me.  I am grateful these events are no longer a part of my present day. I had to continuously (and still am) do the work that required me to face this shameful, terrifying, dark and painful energy that led me to become this individual. In order to create differently, I needed to take responsibility and  have a tough conversation with the Brittany that no longer served me. I am still doing this. Life will continuously throw curveballs at you regardless, but it is who you CHOOSE to be that will result in more positive than negative. Honestly, if you don't "believe" in any of this, you still have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Either you start to wake up and consciously create, or you stay stuck/ in your downward spiral. Girl, the choice is yours. I am here to empower you and guide you into the powerful phoenix that you truly are. Rise from the ashes or burn.

YOU, yes, I am talking to YOU. You have an expiration date. You will one day die. Everyone you know will die. Your loved ones will die. Regardless of how this makes you feel, it will still happen. You can CHOOSE to live your life the way you have been, or choose to CREATE with every fleeting moment you have available to you. When you are 90, should you make it that far, do you want to feel whole and excited about your life? Do you want to remember what you did to rewrite the story you wanted to live, rather than the the one you were born with? The most beautiful thing in the Universe is choice. It literally steers your life in the direction your inner being is screaming for.